TURING (English-Turkish and Turkish-English) translation programme
Turing is a translation programme,is being used to translate the simple sentences.It helps for the beginners who want to learn english and turkish. It also provides some useful facilities in internet environment. This programme is free for each user.Program installation is very easy.
You can use this programme even if you don't know English.

  • Translation in internet
  • Use sound files and listen the words in your voice
  • Translate line by line in the story or other text files.
  • Gives the possibility to add your words in the dictonary.
  • Includes some demo programs to practice english and turkish.

  •   Programs!
    Turing Translator (Turing.zip, Ver:6.02 _ 1.34 MByte ) --->DOWNLOAD
    Not: "turing.zip ver:6.02" translates from english->turkish ,and turkish->english .
    last updated: 30.06.2006
    IngTur Mini Translator (IngTur.zip, Ver:6.02 _ 1.05 MByte ) --->DOWNLOAD
    "ingtur.zip" translates from english->turkish ,and turkish->english .
    last updated: 02.07.2006
    Note:After download ,if you encounter any problem with ZIP file , then try again to download the program, using with a suitable Download programs like "Flashget " etc..

    ingTur MiNi TRANSLATOR
    ingTur Mini translator has the following properties.
  • Fast translation using Copy command .
  • Ability of translation in internet medium.
  • Easy translation of simple documents or text pages
  •   ingTur Translation program translates English -> Turkish & Turkish -> English.Translation window is always on the screen.Selected text or sentences can be translated by Copy command on the Pop-Up menu opened with mouse right click.During Chat , if you need English words , then this program is your best helper.
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